This is one of those collections that make you cringe with each new segment

Parties are awesome — as long as you’re not the one stuck planning them. You get free food and free booze, and you get to hang out with people you love and people you love to hate. What could possibly go wrong? Well, if you’ve ever actually been to a party and consumed more than two beers, you know that plenty can go wrong.

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The dangers are all around — as this excellent AFV video proves. If there’s a piñata, you know someone’s going to get hit in the face. If there are candles, you know someone’s going to get burned. If it’s a surprise party, someone’s going to have a heart attack. And if there’s a camera rolling, all of these hilarious moments will be captured so that we can laugh at them whenever we want.

So no matter how excited you are about going to a party. Remember what could go wrong. And stay vigilant.

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