Hero Fought Off FIVE Armed Intruders With His Bare Hands, All While Wearing His Underwear

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Steve Middleton of the Gold Coast of Australia is hailed as a hero after fighting off five armed intruders in nothing but his underwear. Video of Middleton aka “underwear hero” has gone viral as he’s stunned the world with his Boxing Day wrestling prowess.

Underwear Hero Woke Up Naked, Wisely Put on a Garment Before Fending off the Armed Intruders

Steve Middleton told Australia’s 9 News Today Show that he was actually naked when the intruders had broken into his garage. Luckily, he’d set his alarm early that morning for a fishing trip. It was 4:30 am but the sun was already coming up.

When he heard a noise and saw a light coming from his daughter’s car, Middleton realized there were thugs afoot. So, he (wisely) opted to throw on a pair of underwear and sprang into action.

Hilarious and yet impressive footage shows the middle-aged father running after the intruders. Then two of them grab weapons — a knife and a baseball bat. The brawl occurs on the street in front of Middleton’s house. Then he grabs one intruder and actually uses him as a shield as another is swiping at him with a bat.

At one point, the internet’s “underwear hero” actually suffered a cut to his hand, but he didn’t seem to care too much. He told the news that he hadn’t even noticed it — probably because of the adrenaline!

“All I wanted to do was hold onto one so we could get the police here and they could sort it from there,” Middleton told the news. The intruders seemed to get away after hopping into two cars.

“They were just trying to free their mate and get the hell out of there,” he said. “They didn’t expect the Big Fella to come out of nowhere.”

Middleton also said that his kids have been teasing him over the viral story.

When asked what his kids say about “lucky undies,” Middleton responded, “they’ve taken the Mickey out of me, don’t worry.”

He added that his oldest now calls him “Captain Undies.”

“The youngest one wants to buy me personalized number plates already.”

Watch the video below.

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