Grooviest Gas Station Cashier on the Planet Boogies While He Works

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Pulling up to a gas station or convenience store is normally a pretty standard experience. Most of the time, the gas station attendant or gas station cashier tries to minimize as much conversation as possible, considering all the craziness they probably deal with daily. It’s normally just a simple credit card transaction for cigarettes at the cash register or giving cash for fueling at the gas pumps. Hey, sometimes, you may even get a car wash.

However, for this gas station cashier, he took his job description to the next level, and gas station cashier jobs, or even gas station attendant jobs have a new standard to meet regarding excellent customer service. Checkout at gas stations are now no longer the same.

Grooviest Gas Station Cashier Boogies While He Works

The gas station cashier, named Lewis, decided to give the ultimate cashier experience and throw a little boogie while fulfilling his cashier duties. In a video uploaded by Youtube user, Charlie MacMillan, Lewis is seen dancing while helping a customer checkout to the MC Hammer classic, “Can’t Touch This.” Talk about amazing customer service skills, am I right?

The customer is asking for a can of dip and cigarettes, and instead of letting the dancing take away from his cashier duties, Lewis is actually jiving to go grab each of the items which is across his service station. He’s totally on beat, complete with grabbing a lighter to check the customer out, even specifically the color lighter that the customer wanted. He doesn’t stop dancing, even after the customer swipes what looks to be a debit card.

These job types never seem too enjoyable, but Lewis definitely changes the perspective of things. It will always be about how you approach whatever you’re doing, not about what exactly you’re doing. For Pete’s sake, it seems like it doesn’t matter what Lewis is doing for a job, he just wants to party!

Party on, Lewis.

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