High School Golf Team Had to Cancel Practice After Strip Club Has Tournament on Course

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A lot of things can cancel high school golf practice, with lousy weather perhaps being the most-cited reason. Illness or detentions might be some others.

But strippers? Yeah, that’d never happen.

Or so we thought.

That is, until the team from VistaRidge High School in Austin, Texas, showed up at Avery Ranch golf course for practice — only to find that an adult entertainment club was holding its own tournament in that very location.

According to a message from the school district to parents, the teen golfers showed up to find that “adults were acting very inappropriately,” leading the coach to give his team the day off.

“Unfortunately, our golfers did witness some lewd behavior,” the message read. “The coach immediately canceled practice and had all players contact their parents to come pick them up.”

Pictures of scantily clad women walking on the course surfaced via Fox 7 in Austin. We can presume one of the teens (or perhaps the coach) sent those pics. Or maybe it was someone who worked at the course. Either way, it likely wasn’t a scene that parents of hormonal teenage boys found to be favorable.

Strip Club Takes Over

Needless to say, all the commotion will create some revisiting of the 20-year relationship between the Vista Ridge golf team and Avery Ranch. Otherwise, the school will now have to find a new place for practices and home matches.

As for the strip club, well, it will likely have to find a new spot to entertain its workers. This course is rated PG, and Avery Ranch is likely to keep it that way after this particular debacle.

“The club holding the event is believed to be the Yellow Rose which according to the club’s social media was hosting an event at Avery Ranch on October 3,” Fox 7 wrote.

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