Hilarious Viral Video Shows Bar Owner Chasing Runaway Beer Kegs Down The Hill

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An Irish pub owner didn’t realize there wasn’t any beer in the kegs rolling down a street outside his establishment. Otherwise, why would he have kept them from rolling?

Actually, Dan McCallion, 56, deserves credit for his pure determination — and even showing a hint of athleticism — in saving his rolling kegs from getting too far down the road. Apparently, they were headed for a busier street when McCallion caught up and crashed to the pavement to save the day.

The incident began after he placed the empty kegs outside of the pub.

Beer Kegs on the Loose!

McCallion, who is said to be an avid cyclist, only suffered a sprained ankle in the incident, which is good, because it looked like it could have been worse.

“I was worried because they were picking up speed and I didn’t think I was going to get them. I just went as fast as I could,” he said, via The Daily Mail. “I was setting up behind the bar and I just heard a keg rattling. I knew it was too early for a delivery, so I ran out and saw them rolling across the street.

“It’s very steep so I realized I had to get them. I was looking ahead and could see they were heading to a busy road. I thought it could have done severe damage to parked cars or caused a crash if I hadn’t stopped them.”

Needless to say, McCallion’s employees are now referring to him as “Super Dan.” But for this pub owner, it’s all part of a day’s work.

“I can run fast because I do a bit of cycling, so that helped. It was just pure relief that they hadn’t caused any damage,’ he said. “I’ve had a few knocks off my bike so I’m used to falling. It was no bother to me to go down and get them.”

Hopefully, the kegs are now where they belong — back in the bar and filled with some suds.

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