Hockey Mom Climbs Over Glass to Hit Referee During Play

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A hockey mom in Quebec will do just about anything for the referee’s attention, and proved it by climbing on top of the glass to pat him on the heat.

And why not? Her attempts to get his attention by pounding on the glass didn’t work. So the next logical thing is to tap him directly.

Or so she thought.

The incident took place at a hockey tournament featuring 13-year-olds — and some may say the mom was out of line. That includes disgraced from NHL ref Tim Peel.

“This is exactly why we are losing young officials every year,”: he wrote in a tweet above the video. “Parents are the #1 problem. Great role model mom.”

Hockey Mom Goes Wild

As you can see, the ref only looked up at the mom, while continuing to call the game. Because well, he probably doesn’t give a crap about what’s going on. Just a mom having a tantrum. So, after the mom got her point across, then walked back up the stands. As far as we know, play carried on.

Perhaps it was an obnoxious act by the parent. Perhaps something was going on with her child’s safety, with the opposing team being too physical or something.

We don’t really know. But it’s pretty evident she wanted something handled, and she was willing to go above the glass to make her point heard.

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