This Hilarious T-Shirt Is Perfect for Parents New to Homeschooling

I feel for parents. Homeschooling has to be tough. I’ll be honest, if I had kids, they would be pre-K dropouts or something because I don’t think I have the patience to teach children. I don’t think my friends with kids have the patience either, which is why I know they’re using a 3 p.m. happy hour to cope with their new teaching job.

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This T-shirt says it all. I mean, it’s the truth. Thanks to COVID, many of us are becoming day drinkers. When you don’t have a 30-minute commute home or have to pick up the kids from school, you might as well have a drink after Zoom class ends.

In 20 Years Our Country Will Be Run By People Home Schooled by Day Drinkers Shirt

Funny 2020 Quote 20 Years People Homeschooled Day Drinkers T-Shirt


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You can find this hilarious tee shirt on Amazon. I’m all about gag gifts, and I think it would be a funny gift to give parents this holiday season. You can find similar shirts in unisex long sleeve, hoodie, V-neck, crew neck, and tank top styles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been bad to everyone in some shape or form, but imagine being a mom who doesn’t understand pre-algebra and having to teach your son what slope intercept form means. I’m sure after a cocktail, moms are being honest, letting their kids know they’re probably never going to use it in real life. (Oh come on, have you calculated y=mx+b since 7th grade? I doubt it.)

Funny 2020 Quote 20 Years People Homeschooled Day Drinkers T-Shirt

Customer ratings on the homeschooled day drinker T-shirts are great. These high-quality shirts are going to be worn over and over again throughout the pandemic. C’mon moms, get your leggings and ‘day drinkers T-shirt’ ready for another day of school.

This funny homeschooling shirt will be the ‘mom shirt’ that gets everyone’s attention at the grocery store.

You Think It’s Bad Now? in 20 Years Our Country Will Be Run by People Who were Homeschooled by Day Drinkers Womens T-Shirt


Homeschool moms and dads, hang in there. Maybe one day, our country will be run by people who had parents with anxiety and alcohol issues, but I say that builds character, and we all know the USA loves a president with charisma.

I can’t help but think this trending shirt will be a vintage shirt one day. Imagine explaining this shirt to your grandchildren in the year 2050. Am I right, or am I right? Wear your masks when required, don’t forget about social distancing, and wash your hands.

One day you’ll look back on your homeschool teacher days with your kids and will laugh (or cry).

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