Hopefully, no one who seeks pregnancy advice from Yahoo! Answers is actually a parent

YouTube screenshot J.t. Sexkik -- Yahoo Answers pregnancy questions

Yahoo! Answers is probably the worst place in the world to try and get a question answered, which this video proves.

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In a video uploaded to YouTube entitled “how is prangent formed,” the uploader, J. T. Sexkik, reads off of a list of Yahoo! Answers questions about pregnancy.

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The video is essentially two minutes of the uploader reading terribly misspelled questions about how to become “fregnant,” “peegnat” and “praganant.” Further questions cover whether a person can have sex when they become “prangent,” how many teens become “bregant” a year and whether or not “starch masks” mean someone was previously “pargnet.”

The questions are pretty hilariously placed as well, as pointed out in this Reddit comment. Some of them were asked in the Computer and Astronomy sections of the website.

It just goes to show that you can find people curious about being “preganté” in any of the internet’s many corners.

The video ends with one extra question thrown in to prove that the ignorance isn’t just related towards being “pregananant” and that people are just as curious about whether or not burning “Luigi Boards” is safe.

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