Hot Police Officer Jokes About How She’ Too Hot’ To Be a Cop

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Can you be too attractive to protect and serve the public and enforce the law? Well, one Arizona TikToker who goes by “Kimberly” said yes. After all, she herself is too hot to be a cop, she claimed.

Of course, she was joking — but it clearly was her way of firing back at those who have doubted her profession in the comments section on social media.

“‘You’re not a real cop,'” she pretend-quotes others as alleged in one video, before switching into her police gear.

Police Officer Kimberly

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Another video seems to have even more fun with the idea that she’s not really an officer of the law.

“If ‘being too hot to be a cop’ becomes illegal,” she captioned the video of herself sitting in the back of a fake police car.

Kimberly’s TikTok videos of her in uniform started in January and started to go viral not long after that. Most are of her in uniform. Her account now has nearly a million followers.

And yes, she’s really a police officer, the New York Post revealed.

  • To Serve, Protect and Slay

Along with that, a Facebook post from her employer revealed that she graduated from Western Arizona Law Enforcement Agency and began her career in June 2021.

So yes, she is telling truth. Turns out, there is actually no law that says you can be “too hot” to be a cop. In all seriousness, let this woman do her job, stop poking around and causing a stir when there isn’t anything to mix. Stop judging women and thinking they aren’t capable of having demanding jobs just because of how they look and how they dress. It’s 2022, people. Leave the sexism and annoyingness behind…we’ve come so far.

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