Hugh Jackman has no idea how to react to Patrick Stewart’s circumcision story from hell YouTube/The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show has a reputation for evoking the wildest stories from the guests on the show. A few weeks ago, GNorton egged Whoopi Goldberg into sharing a story about aging and the “balding pudenda” and the tale had Keanu Reeves grimacing. But Sir Patrick Stewart might have just outdone Goldberg on last night’s show when he told a story about circumcision that gave everybody the willies.

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We knew it was going to be an interesting tale when Stewart introduced the story with the prologue, “one night, as you do, we [Stewart and his wife] were talking about stuff…” However, their night-time conversation took an odd turn when the actor mentioned that he was circumcised and his wife said “you’re not circumcised” to which he replied, “that’s ridiculous, I should know if I’m circumcised or not.” Of course, the next day when he saw his doctor, his physician confirmed his wife’s suspicions.

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