The world is a cruel place, but you’d never know it from talking to a modern day child from an affluent family in the developed world. They seem blissfully unaware of all the horrors of the world.

Terrorism? Erm, no thanks, I’ve got a G.I. Joe.

Famine? Maybe once I’ve finished this level “Super Mario Odyssey.”

Disease? Sorry, too busy watching Nickelodeon.

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Kids weren’t always this way, though. Children knew what was up 100 years ago, and we have the tweets to prove it! Obviously, the children in question didn’t actually tweet, but some of their musings have been documented by the R.L. Ripples “TweetsOfOld” Twitter account, which transfers old newspaper items into tweets. In the run up to Christmas, “TweetsOfOld” has been sharing some letters written by kids to Santa Claus over a century ago.

As adorable as it sounds, don’t get too excited. A few of them are absolutely heartbreaking. Prepare to smile and cry.

This kid was the inspiration for Stand Your Ground laws.

This tweet could’ve been written by Barron Trump.

Clearly “fake news” isn’t a new concept.

Be who you wanna be, Anson!

Hard to believe they printed this. Maybe threats against non-existent characters don’t count as threats.

David Lynch? Is that you?

Of course he remembers, Jewel. Santa’s like an elephant: he never forgets. And he’s large.

Sure, Olga. “Accident.”

$100 worth of peanuts in 1919 is like $1 billion worth of peanuts now. That’s a lot of peanuts.

C’mon, Guy. Don’t be THAT guy.

We did warn you!

Hundred-year-old letters to Santa are both humorous and devastating Mario Tama/Getty Images
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