Hungry Customer Gets Interviewed for a Job at Popeyes Through Drive-Thru Window

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One way to help with the nation’s sudden and strange worker shortage is to seek a job as a customer. That’s what one woman did while waiting at the Popeyes drive-thru and being told she’d have to wait about an hour for her order. The reason? Because Popeyes was short-staffed.

One woman, who goes by @thoroughbred_84 on TikTok, shared her friend’s experience for all the world to see. And the ensuing video has gone viral.

Basically, the story goes like this:

The woman is told she is too early to order food, as Popeyes is actually opening an hour later than advertised because they don’t have enough workers.

“Can I have a job then, because I’m hungry,” the woman responded.

“Yep,” the worker replied through the drive-thru monitor.

Popeyes Does Job Interviews a Tad Different

After that, the woman asked if she could get an interview. It was granted.

“Look at this fool,” @thoroughbred_84 said, laughing, before being asked to pull around to the drive-thru window herself. It is there that she gets a view of the job interview seemingly taking place.  

And since we know inquiring minds want to know, yes, she got the job. Perhaps even better than that, she got some free food to boot.

“Yes, I got the job. I start Monday 8 o’clock. Woo, woo!” she said while looking into the camera.

So hey, hungry for some Popeye’s? Well, we know one that will have no shortage of help.

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