‘I NEED MORE!’ Women Goes on Wild Tantrum After Her Order of a Dozen Munchkins Isn’t 50 Donuts

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Quick, quick! How many donuts are in a dozen? If you said 12, then you are 100% correct…and normal. This is comment sense, we all know that a dozen donuts means 12, half a dozen equal 6 donuts, and a Baker’s Dozen would be 13. Everyone knows this, right? Wrong. Not everyone knows this and this is proof of that. Apparently, a woman, who I’m going to say is called Karen, was filmed on TikTok getting into a heavy and ridiculous argument with Dunkin’ Donuts employees because she believed that a dozen equal to 50. Yes, she ordered a dozen munchkins but expected 50 munchkins instead.

And let me tell you, she was pretty certain about this answer. The videos were uploaded by TikToker @princess_natt where we see Karen at the counter with a mask around her chin, wearing a rainbow tie-dye fanny pack around her waist, and loudly yelling at the employee behind the counter, “More!” She continued, “I need more! Fifty. Five-zero!”

‘Help Me Stop Karen 2021’


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The employee, probably annoyed and trying not to laugh, went on to try to explain to Karen that she indeed ordered a dozen donuts which is 12 and not 50, but she barked back saying, “That’s what a dozen is. Not 12.” In the second video, we also get to see Karen continuing to yell at the employees, going so far as to ask the employer if she understands English.

Over the whole situation and probably super embarrassed, she finally places her mask over her nose and mouth and walks away. Honestly, I have to give kudos to the Dunkin’ employees for not shouting at her and telling her that she was dumb. Not the brightest crayon in the box, despite having a multicolored fanny pack.

Meet Dunkin’ Donuts ‘Karen

If going to act like this in public, make sure you have your facts correct, if not you’re going to look like well, this. I really don’t understand why people yell at employees for doing their job. Be patient, they have been working all day, plus, you never know what they have been through. Don’t be one of those people that think the world revolves around you, just drink your latte and breakfast sandwich and exit. Go back to fourth grade, Karen. This is why I love social media.

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