8 Identical Twins Pull an Epic Time Travel Prank on NYC Subway

Improv Everywhere, a comedy collective based in New York City that pulls positive pranks to surprise and delight random strangers, pulled an elaborate time travel prank on a subway car in the city using four sets of identical twins.

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The video, which was uploaded in March 2016, shows a man entering a subway car and asking for money to complete the time machine he is building. Of course, everyone on the train starts to laugh, thinking, “Okay bud, what did you smoke today?” One, because it’s New York. Two, because it’s time travel…let’s be real here.

But, quickly a man who resembles him gets on at the next stop and approaches the man.  He presents himself as his future self, which looks exactly like him, but with a full-on beard. His ‘future self’ quickly tries to convince him to not build the time machine, saying the future is bleak.

8 Identical Twins Pull an Epic Time Travel Prank

As the train rolls along, two more people get in, going to their twins who are sitting down next to the first man and to convince the original man not to build the time machine. By the time the prank is over, there are four sets of identical twins on the subway car, and the random commuters watching the prank unfold were given a hilarious delightful surprise.

Now that’s a New York City subway ride to remember!

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