Idiot Driver Flies out of His Car While Showing Off His 1981 Camaro

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Trying to be cool while driving is so 1981. Just ask a man named Hunter Phillips, who was driving an ’81 Chevy Camaro and perhaps jokingly portraying a tough guy behind the wheel.

The driver in question is now in a video that’s gone viral, and he went from zero to viral in less than 18 seconds.’ Because well, this is pretty insane and of course, pretty dumb. How do people get themselves into these situations?

Basically, the video shows the guy peeling out in the street after revving his engine. The car does just fine. He fell out.

Driver Flies out of His Car While Showing Off His 1981 Camaro

Phillips was actually leaving a Cars and Coffee show. He reportedly has had the car in his family since the day he was born. We’re assuming that was around 1981.

And after he tumbled to the pavement, the car crashed into the nearby Ace Hardware. Oops.

“In fact, the drive that saw him thrown from the car was only his third test drive since getting it back on the road,” wrote Nico Demattia of The Drive. “Now, after having an unexpected run-in with Ace Hardware, the Camaro needs further repairs that Phillips is going to pay for out of pocket since he doesn’t want his insurance company to write off the car and take it from him.”

Peeling out for all the world to see was really cool in 1981. But let’s just leave it there.

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