Idiot Throws Boiling Water Into Cold Air, Immediately Gets Burned

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In a world where we’ll try just about anything for a click, injuries are bound to happen. Are worse, damage to our skin.

One man decided to see what the result would be if he threw hot water on himself. The outcome was not a surprise.

Standing in a snow-covered driveway in nothing but shorts, our Man with a Bright Idea wore nothing but shorts and flip-flops. He held a pot of boiling water. He flipped it over his head. As we said, the outcome was predictable.

Steamy Goodness

This is actually a regular occurrence in Siberia, where temps can reach -50 degrees. People throw boiling water into the air and watch it steam. It’s actually kind of cool.

The key, of course, is making sure the boiling water doesn’t land on your leg. If so, you’ll be left with a permanent reminder of why it may not have been a great idea. Everyone knows this, but hey, whatever you need to do to get YouTube famous.

Influencers these days truly terrify me, you never know what they might do to get some sort of clout. Somebody go check on this dude and get him some hot and cold, aloe vera, and some chicken soup to heal not only his leg but his soul. You know his poor ego was defiantly shattered after this. But hey, at least he saw the humor in it and decided to share it on social media. As we said, anything for some likes and monetization.

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