This 4th of July Fireworks Prank Had its Victim Hilariously Terrified

Warning: this video contains nudity

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In this hilarious video from the Fourth of July last year, prankster group Fun Time Federation may have settled the debate over best fireworks prank.

The group had some fireworks leftover from their party, so they decided to prank Ryan while he was in the shower by lighting one and throwing it into the tub. The prank went off much better than they thought it would, as the firework went off and scared the living daylights out of Ryan, who, in his attempt to escape the shower, went tumbling over the side onto the floor, taking the rod and curtain with him.

“Happy Fourth of July to you too,” he said with a laugh.

You might not be able to beat this prank, but if you decide to try, make sure to be safe.

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