It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air for couples and engagement notifications will be popping up with exponential frequency on your Facebook feed. But what if you’re not about that romantic lifestyle?

Even if you have a significant other, fear not. You, too can be single forever with the held of the ‘moon box,’ a gag gift sure to get you promptly dumped.

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It’s a simple gadget. From the outside it looks like a traditional grey ring box. The person on the receiving end of this gift is sure to see it and make the assumption that inside rests a beautiful diamond. Maybe a sapphire or emerald, if that’s your thing. But here’s the fun (or tragic, depending on which person you are in this situation) part: as soon as the box is opened, a tiny little butt is revealed to taunt the recipient and dash their romantic dreams. The fake ring even plays fart noises.

The cruel prank will seem like a proposal to the unsuspecting victim. Clips of the prank being put into practice indicate that it will not go over well!

Helene Vincent is an editor for Rare. Follow her on Twitter @HMV5.
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