Remember Curtis Holland (aka King Curtis) from the reality show “Wife Swap“?

He was the spoiled chubby kid who ate a bunch of junk food and was adamant that bacon was good for him. But don’t worry if you don’t recall him, this video will definitely refresh your memory. And if it doesn’t, congratulations, you just got to witness Curtis in action for the very first time.

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The clip is hilarious. Curtis has a breakdown and flips out at his new mom when she throws away all of his junk food. He literally packs his bags and walks out of the front door.

The episode which Curtis featured originally aired in 2009, so if you’re wondering what Curtis is up to now, check out the video below. It turns out he still likes bacon. Obviously.

He also appeared on an episode of “Pawn Stars” a few years back. Although they never acknowledge his previous brush with fame.

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