In 2011, the comedy genius behind Mr. Bean shocked car fans across the world with his surprisingly awesome driving skills

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Videos by Rare

If you’re a “Mr. Bean” fan, you’ll no doubt fondly remember the classic scene in which Mr. Bean runs into a spot of bother after tying a newly-purchased armchair to the roof of his Mini.

Bean is unable to enter his vehicle after filling it with the many items — such as paint tins and mops — that he bought during a shopping trip. However, Bean devises an elaborate method for driving the car, which involves him sitting on the armchair that’s still strapped to the roof!

He first places a brick attached to a string in front of the front wheel to hold the car, and releases the handbrake. He then uses a paint can attached to another string to operate the clutch, further strings for the gear stick and steering wheel, and joins his mop and broom together to form a long rod with which to operate the accelerator and foot brake.

Bean manages to control the car quite efficiently considering the danger, but it’s a hilarious site none-the-less.

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But however good he is at controlling a car from the roof, he’s nowhere near as good as Rowan Atkinson — the actor who plays him.

Way back in 2011, Atkinson appeared on the obscenely popular car-based comedy show “Top Gear” to participate in their “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment that involves celebrities driving a distinctly average car around a track.

Atkinson mentioned that he has some car racing experience, but his performance in the challenge shocked the studio audience.

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