In his new show, Jim Jefferies skewered Bill Cosby in the best way, and it’s glorious

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After Bill Cosby’s criminal assault case ended in a mistrial last week, it was reported that the comedian would go on a “sexual assault tour,” in which he would hold five to seven town halls to inform young people about issues associated with sexual assault allegations.

Cosby has since released a statement saying the reports regarding such a tour are false, but that didn’t stop talk show hosts from poking fun at the idea.

In his new show on Comedy Central, Jim Jefferies criticizes the “sexual assault tour” by producing an advertisement for the town hall events, and it’s glorious.

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The advertisement doesn’t hold back, as it starts off by asking, “Do you love rape, but hate consequences?” It then goes on to say that America’s favorite dad, Cosby, is offering viewers a chance to learn from his mistakes.

Calling it “Bill Cosby’s Cos for Concern” tour, the advertisement says the tour covers the most effective excuses for both first-time rapists and those who have been raping for years, including, but not limited to:

  • “It’s not rape if she didn’t say no.”
  • “But we were both drunk!”
  • “Excuse me officer, but my dad is rich.”

Women are welcome and encouraged to attend, as the advertisement says, “Who better to teach you how to avoid being drugged by Bill Cosby, than Bill Cosby?”

It goes on to say that the one-night event has been praised by upwards of 57 women. “And 57 women can’t be wrong. Or can they?” the voice over says as a picture of a Washington Post headline that reads “Mistrial declared in Bill Cosby Sex-Assault Trial” is shown.

“‘Bill Cosby’s Cos for Concern’ tour, coming to ruin a childhood memory near you,” the advertisement says before wrapping up by saying that attendees may not remember the show in the morning.

While the advertisement is humorous, it does a brilliant job of criticizing Cosby and addressing the serious topic of sexual assault.

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