Indiana Man Dressed as Pikachu Leads Police on a Wild Chase While on Lawnmower

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Not even Pikachu of Pokémon GO fame can escape the police when he’s riding around dangerously.

That’s especially the case if Pikachu is using a riding mower as his getaway vehicle. But hey, one man from Indiana clearly thought it was worth a try.

Yes, this is actually a true story — a man dressed in a full Pikachu costume was on a riding mower, gave police the bird, then tried to make a quick getaway. Or as close to a “getaway” as one can possibly make on a mode of transportation that rarely goes faster than, oh, about 7 mph.

And the Roachdale, Indiana police officer wasn’t trying to pull over Pikachu for giving him the bird. That was just the result. Instead, multiple reports to the police said Pikachu had been driving erratically.

But believe it or not, Pikachu got away at first. After leading police on a chase, he started to drive in an area near children — prompting the cops to give up for safety purposes. Yet somehow, they found the man at his home, presumably in regular clothes.

Pikachu Gets Arrested

The Roachdale PD detailed the scene on their Facebook page:

“Last night (Halloween Night) one of our outstanding citizens chose trick instead of treat and gave us a first for our records.

“Roachdale Officers were notified of a modified lawn mower pulling a trailer driving recklessly throughout town. Deputy Boller was able to locate the mower matching the description. The mower was being driven by an individual dressed as Pikachu.

“Deputy Boller attempted to make a traffic stop on the mower. Unfortunately Pikachu turned around, flipped Deputy Boller off, and continued on.

“The ‘pursuit’ went on for a few blocks. The suspect began driving more erratic (even attempting to hit Deputy Boller’s vehicle) and with several children around the area, Deputy Boller ceased chasing the individual.

“The Pikachu was identified and Deputy Boller and Marshal Lepine went to his residence. The suspect was located at the residence (out of costume) and after a brief scuffle, was taken into custody and transported to Putnam County Jail.

“The suspect was preliminary charged with Criminal Recklessness, and two counts of Resisting Law Enforcement. We do not believe alcohol or narcotics to be a contributing factor in the event.

“At this time we believe Pikachu acted alone and no other Pokemon characters were involved in this incident. However we are not opposed to catching them all…

“(All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.)”

Thankfully, the post included a cartoon picture of Pikachu. You know, just in case he makes another quick getaway.

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