This Inflatable Hunk Pool Float is the Perfect Summer Fling

I guess I just look like a nice person because couples are always asking me to take pictures of them and their significant others when they’re on vacation. It must be nice not to have to pose by yourself for all of your summer adventures! It’s fine, I’m fine. I enjoy being single, plus, I have the Inflatable Hunk Pool Float to keep me company all summer long.

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This is the ultimate pool buddy for us singles. It’s definitely one of the most genius and convenient products I have seen for summer fun. You can now enjoy the warm embrace of your new man’s (inflatable) arms.

The Inflatable Hunk Pool Float

inflatable hunk pool float

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Just look at this hunk’s six-pack! There’s even a cup holder in the inflatable pool float so you can enjoy a beer while lounging in the swimming pool. The inflatable hunk pool float would be a huge hit at a pool party. It has a sturdy rubber ring, so you don’t have to worry about your pool hunk’s muscle arms deflating.

This would be a fantastic gag gift for a bachelorette party. Don’t be stingy, let all your drinking buddies get a picture with our new favorite man, Chad. This dude makes for a funny selfie opportunity for various babes.

Chad seems to be available all summer. I bet your potential summer fling won’t be around once COVID-19 is over. (Sorry to burst your bubble.) This high-quality pool float is going to stick around until summer is officially gone.

Ladies, throw out the old flamingo and unicorn pool floaties. With the inflatable hunk pool ring, you don’t have to worry about your man leaving your side this summer. Get your White Claws (and face masks) ready for a whole weekend away with Chad.

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This post was originally published on August 6, 2019.

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