Influencer Spent 11K to Look Like Her Boyfriend’s Sex Doll

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Videos by Rare

If you can’t beat your boyfriend’s sex doll, then hey, why not just try to become it?

Yes, this is a true story.

It centers on a British woman who said she spent $11,000 to look like her boyfriend’s doll/girlfriend, and that she’s proud to have done it. She said he’s proud, too.

Char Grey, 23, admitted earlier this year that she bought the sex doll for boyfriend Calum Black, 28, and that the three of them often took a spin together, as relayed by the New York Post.

But that wasn’t enough. Grey wanted to be less like herself — and more like Delilah, the doll.

“I think she’s so pretty, and I want to look exactly like her,” Grey told “I’ve had multiple types of filler carried out to look more like her, as well as a nose job.”

Influencer Spent 11K to Look Like Her Boyfriend’s Sex Doll

What a great time to be a plastic surgeon.

Anyway, Grey added that she may not stop at the nose job. Breast implants may be next.

“We need to get her fitted for a bra, and after that, I’ll look into a boob job, but she’s massive,” Grey said.

“I’m willing to spend as much as it takes, and I think, in the end, I’ll feel better about myself and how I look.”

But wait. There’s more.

Grey and Black took the doll to get a matching tattoo last week.

“We’ve got D&C, for Delilah and Charlotte or Calum and she’s got C&C for both of our names,” Grey said. “I think we needed to show people online that we’re serious about our involvement with Delilah, and now [that] we’ve had them done, we feel more connected. It’s like we’re all matching.”

Oh, you’re all matching, OK. One theory is that the couple also shares the doll’s cognitive abilities.

But for Grey, Black and Delilah, it’s a trio that can’t be beaten.

“If I’m not in the mood, then Calum will use her and vice versa,” Grey said. “We can turn off our emotions, and if one of us is with the sex doll, it’s not like we’re cheating on each other — so we don’t feel any jealousy. It’s fine, as we do realize she’s only a doll and doesn’t have feelings, but we love her all the same.”

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