Introducing “Get Offended,” the app that lets you skip past the facts and straight to being mad online

John Crist facebook video - "Get Offended" app

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Videos by Rare

Comedian John Crist has his finger on the pulse of the times with this sketch. He knows that in the age of the internet, it’s a pain in the neck to actually keep up with cultural and political issues before commenting on them. No one wants to do research before going on a screed on Facebook; the extra work just takes the fun out of ranting. Luckily, Crist has the solution to this conundrum: a new app called “Get Offended.”

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In this spoof of social media start-ups, Crist imagines an app that lets users express their outrage over a story with just the touch of a button, no further effort required. Gone are the stone-age days of reading about something to work yourself into a frenzy over it. With “Get Offended,” 90 percent of your searing hot take is ready to go when you unlock your phone; you just have to choose which issue to post about (hint: all of them).

Just enter your ethnicity, religion and political party into the app, and the rest of the internet is now a sandbox for your fury. Technology sure is amazing.

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