Adorable Kid Crashes Grandfather’s Live MSNBC Interview

I applaud news anchors for being able to keep a straight face on live television when things don’t go as planned. It would’ve been very difficult for me to do so in this situation, but this is also too adorable for anyone not to address while speaking to millions of people tuning in.

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During a live MSNBC interview, pediatrician Dr. Irwin Redlener was interrupted by his toddler grandson in the cutest way. He was on “Deadline: White House” to seriously talk about the coronavirus pandemic and the recent spike COVID-19 cases in New York City. But as he was trying to keep a straight face to obviously talk about the severity of the issue at hand, Redlener’s grandson was simply not going to leave him alone to do so peacefully.

As Dr. Redlener is attempting to explain more about the coronavirus cases on the MSNBC coronavirus segment, he’s seen trying to keep his grandson at bay. Anchor Nicolle Wallace kept it cool by saying, “This is what remote learning looks like,” jokingly as she also watch Dr. Redlener try to calm the little boy down.

The doctor’s adorable grandson continues to appear all over the screen, trying to climb on his grandfather, serving the kind of innocent comic relief viewers probably didn’t realize they needed. While his grandson started to speak up as well, the pediatrician was saying, “The issue is that we’re gonna see big upticks all over the place, in the US and elsewhere in the world,” he continues, “We’re not gonna be free of the COVID-19 pandemic for the next couple of years and we need to get used to that fact…So I’m not the least bit surprised about what we’re seeing in New York.”

Watch Dr. Redlener’s grandson crash his MSNBC coronavirus interview below:

The seriousness of his commentary continues, but you can’t help but laugh. As Dr. Redlener continues explaining about how he was “very worried” about another point he was making, his young grandson shamelessly crawled up behind him on his office chair and stuck out his tongue to the camera.

Wallace laughed and said, “This is the best thing I’ve seen,” just as someone finally retrieved the babbling, mischievous young boy. This reminds many this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Back in 2017, a video was circulating social media when a professor’s two kids also crashed his interview on-air with BBC about South Korea.

Information like this is important to listen to especially with more people testing positive for COVID-19 in the United States. However, you can learn to appreciate things like this, especially if you do test positive, because it reminds us to pay attention to the more playful innocent aspects of life sometimes.

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