It’s not really summer until you watch a bunch of people freaking out on amusement park rides


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Aside from the rides, one of the best things about an amusement park is watching the public meltdowns.

These poor people had the unfortunate experience of having these freakouts caught on camera for our viewing pleasure. Seriously, what is funnier than watching grown adults (and kids) totally lose it on roller coasters?!

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One kid that totally lost it on a roller coaster with his family will probably never live down the embarrassing moment he yelled, “we are all going to die!”

“Did you just say, ‘We are all going to die?'” his dad laughed. Just when you thought things couldn’t get funnier, the camera panned over to his little brother, who couldn’t stop laughing at his sibling.

Amusement parks are the best!

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