It’s Weatherman vs. Wind in this hilarious fail of a news blooper Rumble/StoryfulWeather

The battle of Weatherman vs. Wind is as old as mankind itself.

OK, maybe not, but viewers have seen some hilarious editions of the classic battle over the years, and this one is no different.

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The wind decided to interrupt TV3’s Ireland AM morning breakfast show on June 23. The broadcast went live to weatherman Deric Hartigan for the weekend’s weather report, which he was giving outside. He didn’t know what was coming for him, though.

A sudden gust of wind came in the middle of Hartigan’s report, throwing him off balance out and out of the camera shot, and blowing his umbrella inside out. The broadcast cut back to the two reporters inside the studio, both of whom were hysterical over their coworker’s unlucky encounter with Mother Nature.

Hartigan was in good spirits, though, as the broadcast cut back to him laughing while trying to fix his inside out umbrella. Poor weathermen, it seems like they’re never victorious against the elements.

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