Bam Margera and his wife Nicole Boyd are expecting, the skateboarder and actor announced on Instagram Monday.

Margera starred in MTV’s “Jackass” TV show, as well as all three “Jackass” movies. He and Boyd married in 2013 after his marriage with his first wife, Melissa Rothstein, ended in 2012. The birth of Margera’s first child will mark a new chapter in his life after he dealt with dark days over the last few years.

Margera has struggled with alcohol abuse since the death of his best friend and fellow “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn in 2011, who was killed in a crash while driving drunk. Margera was detained at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in 2012 and spent several hours in a holding cell at the airport after airline employees denied him access to his flight because he smelled of alcohol and was cursing.

Margera said that grief over Dunn’s death led him into a self destructive spiral. “I never had anybody, anybody, that I cared about die — I didn’t know what the hell it was like,” Margera said during an interview. “Then all of a sudden, my best friend dies — like, what the f**k? What do you do now?’ Well, I went on a drinking bender.” Whereas drinking had once been a fun time he had with friends, Dunn’s death changed how Margera handled alcohol.

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His drinking may have also played a role an incident at the 2015 Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland, in which he was attacked after trying to force his way into the production room and heckling two women who were blocking him out.

Then, in 2016, Margera spent the night in jail after getting into a heated argument with Boyd at a restaurant in Helsinki. He wasn’t charged, as Finnish police were just letting him sleep off the alcohol. Margera isn’t the only one who has had alcohol-related run-ins with law enforcement, though, as earlier that year, Boyd was arrested and booked for driving under the influence after crashing into another car in Pennsylvania.

Since those incidents, Margera seems to be back on the right track and dealing with the death of his close friend in a more constructive fashion. While he’s since had problems with alcohol, Margera has spoken about the dangers of drinking and driving, imploring fans not to make the same mistake his friend Dunn made.

Hopefully, fatherhood will help Margera continue with the progress he’s made.