James Corden, Dave Franco and Cara Delevingne threw down in a surprisingly mean rap battle

YouTube screenshot -- James Corden, Dave Franco, Cara Delevingne rap battle

While James Corden’s musical talents focus mostly on Carpool Karaoke, it seems that he’s also an experienced battle rapper. In this Mexican stand-off showdown between him, Dave Franco and Cara Delevingne, though, Corden may have bitten off more than he can chew. Luckily, the disses were flying every which way, so no alliances were formed.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

As the beats came in, no stone of petty disdain was left unturned in this brutal contest. Much was made of Corden’s third-banana status as a late (late) night host, but many of the most searing lines had to do with Dave and Cara being less cool versions of their older siblings, along with the standard jibes about acting talent. You can’t really say anyone came out on top here — the burns were just too devastating.

It must have been hard to keep a straight face with all this disrespect being hurled. We hope they buried the hatchet afterward.

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