James Franco managed to get one of his strange paintings into his new movie YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Conan, James Franco, Bryan Cranston

James Franco and Bryan Cranston went on “Conan” to promote their new movie “Why Him?” and shared a bit of trivia that adds an extra layer of humor.

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The film is about a man, Cranston, whose daughter dates an eccentric tech mogul played by Franco, and the set of the mogul’s home was to be full of paintings.

Apparently, when Franco heard this, he was reminded that he had made several paintings, and he offered them as props to the production.

There was one painting that particularly interested Conan: a James Franco-original entitled “Humping Capybaras.” The painting’s subject matter is explained adequately by the title.

“I got it wrong. I thought they were hamsters,” said Franco. “So it was ‘F-word Hamsters,’ and then I put it online, and everyone was like ‘No, those are capybaras.’ So I PG-ed it up.”

Then Franco’s co-star shared that he had managed to snag one of Franco’s paintings as well, a large painting of a marijuana leaf.

“He actually painted it with real marijuana leaf in the painting,” Cranston said proudly to O’Brien.

“So it got held up at customs,” O’Brien wryly replied.

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