When Jamie Foxx appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote his movie “Baby Driver,” he treated the host and his audience to a spot on impression of LeBron James.

Jimmy Kimmel asked Foxx — who had just admitted that he cries a lot — if he’s ever cried over the outcome of a sporting event.

“Hell yeah,” Foxx exclaimed. “I cried last year when LeBron won the championship.”

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Foxx then spontaneously launched into his brilliant LeBron James impression that he has perfected over the years. He impersonated LeBron’s classic “The Silencer” celebration and had Kimmel and his audience in hysterics.

Foxx also spoke about how his 50th birthday celebration plans.

“I am going to… I can’t say that on camera,” Foxx replied. “I’mma go crazy. There’s an island.” Kimmel was curious as to how many guests he will host. “It’ll be in progression of the people down to my real dawgs,” Foxx said. “It’ll be family, family, family — ‘OK, y’all get outta here.'”

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