This Man is Offering $25,000 To Anyone Who Can Help Him Find A Girlfriend Via

Listen up, ladies! Calling all single women, this is your chance! No, not to find a boyfriend, but to get $12,500! Because yes, I expect you to split it with me, I was the one who told you about it! Kidding, totally kidding, unless you actually like Jeff G here. You see, this is what good ol’ Jeff wants. A good girlfriend who has her life together.

Swearing off of all dating apps, Jeff just wants what we all want, someone with a loving heart and stability. So, while everyone else is off trying to find last-minute gifts for their loved ones for Valentine’s Day, this Kansas man just wants a little bit more. He wants a girlfriend, so much so that he is offering $25,000 to anyone who can help him find one. I volunteer as tribute, Jeff. I already asked 4 of my coworkers, and let’s just say they didn’t say no. DM me for my bank account number!

According to CBS, Bachelor Jeff Gebhar decided to conduct his search this way after he became sick of dating the “traditional way.” Can you blame him? As a single woman in her mid-twenties, I totally get him. Online dating sucks. The 47-year-old stated, “Well think about it, if you’re in a happy marriage, what monetary value could you ever place on meeting the right person … ever? My time and frustration and disappointment definitely is worth some sort of dollar figure but that was roughly what I’d spend in dating.”

Gebhart, who is an entrepreneur by trade, has been working on his dating project for six months and launched his dating website this week. Yes, the site has everything you need to know about this man, including a two-minute long video detailing his special quest which features his adorable dog, Gunner.

The man has never been engaged or married but has had several long-term relationships. He also noted he does not have any kids but is using his search for love to help out other pups along the way. Yes, adorable. Turns out the bachelor will also be giving a $25,000 award to a no-kill dog shelter or charity!

So, before you go out and think “yeah I can date this man for $25,000.” Well, there is a catch. A potential match must date Gebhar “exclusively” for 365 dates. This is the only way you will get your cash, by hitting that one year mark. You also won’t be able to take it home all at once, this smart bachelor will pay the fee in five installments of $5,000 over a five-year period. Yes, five. Well, unless you break up in that time. If so, then the said matchmaker will not reveal any more money than what they already earned.


Women who are dating him, or those who nominate themselves are not eligible for payment either. But wait, there’s more. Women who are interested in design Gebhart won’t skip straight to dinner and a movie either. Oh no, they must take a survey at to see if they would be a perfect match. The survey is said to be “based on science” and was developed by a “clinical psychiatrist.” Yup, so you KNOW this man is in it to win it. He even described this method as a “Willy Wonka machine,” basically saying that the women who pass the survey are the great candidates for him.


So, there you have it. Are you interested? Seems a little too much for me, I mean, these are a lot of steps to follow. But hey, you have to do what you have to do. Good luck Gebhart! If you happen to find a girl thanks to this article, please invite me to your wedding! I am a pretty great dancer.

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