$95 Jello Wrestling Kit Makes 100 Gallons of Jello for Never-Ending Fun

Everyone who got to quarantine in their pool last summer is very lucky. Not everyone has a fancy backyard with an underground pool. (Sigh.) However, we do have the option to buy inflatable pools and jello wrestling mix. That’s right, jello wrestling will be our next coronavirus pastime.

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Amazon is selling a jello wrestling mix for $95. This bulk jello bag makes 100 gallons of jello! All you need to do is buy an inflatable pool. It’s 2021. Why not have a jello wrestling party with the family? There’s nothing else to do.


Bulk RED JELLO WRESTLING SUPPLY Jelly Package. Crystal mix makes 100Gal (380L) Just add water!

[buy_now link=amzn.to/3izu5Tm]

  • 100% biodegradable & non-toxic jello
  • Great fundraiser idea
  • Non-toxic

Let your neighbors hate on you jello wrestling pool and roll their eyes! Just add water to the jello wrestling crystals. (No refrigeration or boiling water required.) Once you have your pool of jello, feel free to dive in! It’s a great activity for quarantine-style bachelor parties, birthday parties, and more.

Be sure to look up jello wrestling games and jello wrestling rules. Once your contestants understand some of the rules, you’ll be able to get rowdy! Jello tug of war seems to be a popular game for jello wrestlers.

  • Great sorority/fraternity party fun
  • Alternative to mud wrestling
  • Under $100

I know this wouldn’t be fun for everyone, but it sounds like a good time. Plus, you have to put that inflatable pool to use a few more times to make it worth it, right? If you throw in some awesome gifts for the jello wrestling winners, I bet more people would be inclined to play.

Amazon customers are satisfied with their jello kits. A customer gave the jello wrestling package a five-star rating and wrote, “Used this for our church youth group, it’s super easy to setup and the kids loved it.”


See!? It’s a fun activity for both kids and adults. If you’re considering this for an adult-only gathering, make some jello shots for your jello wrestling event.

This post was originally published on October 7, 2020.

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