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The Jim Jefferies Show,” — the new platform for outspoken comedian Jim Jefferies — premiered on Comedy Central on June 6, 2017. Needless to say, the foul-mouthed Aussie didn’t mince his words.

He began the show by pointing out that he was “another immigrant taking American jobs!” referring to his fellow U.S.-based foreign satirists John Oliver, Samantha Bee and Trevor Noah.

Jefferies went on to address a variety of topics including Trump’s recent trip to the Middle East, climate change and his own unique solution to America’s racism epidemic. “Bring back slavery. Wait, hear me out–bring back slavery, but this time everyone has a go,” he then turned and smirked into a different camera before adding, “I call it ‘Two Years a Slave.'”

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The audience began to snicker, but they clearly weren’t fully on board with the bit yet.

“Everyone slaves up for two years then another race comes in and takes over and then they slave up for two years!” Jefferies added.

“See, the secret to being a good person is treat people as you’d like to be treated. How good would you treat your slave if you knew they were gonna be in charge of you in a year or so’s time?”

By this point, the audience had fully embraced the segment and Jefferies carried on pitching his plan: “As a show of good faith, the white people will go first. Otherwise, no one will trust us!” he said, before pointing to a picture of white people outside a Whole Foods and adding, “Don’t worry, we know where to find ’em!”

“The Jim Jefferies Show” airs on Comedy Central every Tuesday at 10.30 est.

Watch Jim discuss climate change with his very famous weatherman here:

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