Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon sing this version of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” that you never knew existed YouTube Screenshot

Updated Oct. 2, 2017: Tom Petty has died at age 66. This is one of our favorite memories of the American music legend.

Apparently Tom Petty really had horses on the mind when he penned the first draft of his iconic hit “Free Fallin’.”

On the “Tonight Show,” actor Kevin Bacon joined host Jimmy Fallon for a segment called “First Drafts of Rock,” where Fallon and a guest get together for a parodied version of a rock classic. In this particular installment, Bacon donned the mantle of Petty while Fallon played Electric Light Orchestra frontman and “Free Fallin'” co-writer Jeff Lynne for a zany version of the song that’s heavy on the horse references.

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 Just take a look at some of the lyrics: “She likes ponies, but not as much as horses / She likes horses, much much more / She likes unicorns, but she calls ‘em ‘horny horses’ / She loves horses, yeah that’s what she loves.”
We’re gonna go ahead and guess that “Free Horses” probably wouldn’t have gotten the same play as the version we know and love.

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