Jimmy Fallon and Michael Strahan chug gross cocktails together during a friendly game of ‘Drinko’

Jimmy Fallon was joined by Michael Strahan for the hilarious July 27 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Fallon and Strahan kicked things off with a round of ‘Drinko.’ The game requires contestants to drop two disks into the ‘Drinko’ board, which then clink down into cups containing different beverages. Where the disks land determines the two-beverage cocktail the contestants must drink. But these are not your average tasty craft cocktails. No, no — these are cocktails made of peculiar and gross ingredients.

The cups were labeled as follows: Sake, Maple Syrup, Frosé, Jalapeño Juice, Bone Broth, Melted Ice Cream, Margarita, Scope, Prune Juice, Suntan Smoothie, Goldschläger, and blood. The blood is the only item placed in a skull as opposed to a cup, in honor of the band Slayer, who were the guest musicians on the show that evening.

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As Strahan climbed the stairs to the top of the ‘Drinko’ board and prepared to drop his two disks, he seemed pretty jazzed about the game, but as soon as he saw his disk veer to the left toward the Jalapeño Juice cup, he knew he was in trouble. “Oh no!” Strahan exclaimed as his disk plopped perfectly into the exact cup he was dreading. “I don’t like hot stuff, man!” Strahan added. And it only got worse from there, as Strahan’s second disk landed in the Prune Juice cup — another food item Strahan apparently hates.

Despite proclaiming that his cocktail contained two of the things he hates the most, Strahan was a total champ and downed his entire drink in one go.

Next up: Jimmy Fallon!

“I want Melted Ice Cream,” Fallon said as he prepared to drop his first disk. But Melted Ice Cream, it was not. Fallon’s first disk landed right in the Scope cup. And yes, that’s Scope the mouthwash. “OK, what goes with Scope,” Fallon asked himself as he prepared to release his second disk into the ‘Drinko’ board. Nothing goes with Scope, so thankfully for Fallon, his second disk landed him a double-dose of Scope. “Is there a doctor here?” Strahan asked as Fallon contemplated the health issues with drinking mouthwash.

Fallon didn’t want to disappoint after Strahan had bravely chugged his entire disgusting cocktail, so he downed the whole glass of Scope! It must not have been great, because Fallon immediately ran to grab the trashcan placed right next to his desk.

For the final round, the two men climbed the stairs to the top of the board together and dropped their disks at the same time to create one final concoction. And of course the final cocktail was a combo of the two awful ingredients from rounds one and two: Prune Juice and Scope!


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