Jimmy Fallon dishes out a whole lot of gratitude in this week’s “Thank You Notes” YouTube/The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

On Friday night, Jimmy Fallon had a whole lot of people on his mind. It’s been a wild week and the 24 hour news cycle has been put to the test in the second week of the Trump administration. As a late night host, Fallon tries to reach out to those who have given him material and this week he’s got a lot of people who deserve thank you notes.

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Of course, he had to send his gratitude to Beyonce who recently announced that she was pregnant with twins. He just hopes that she doesn’t forget about “all the single babies.” But he also thanked some of the inanimate objects like plastic shopping bags (“the perfect place to store all the other plastic shopping bags”) and “wearing an NFL jersey to a Super Bowl party for letting me know what it would look like if Tom Brady spent 40% of his time on a Lay-Z-Boy.”

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