Jimmy Kimmel had Will Arnett face true terror by walking barefoot across a pile of Lego bricks YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Kimmel, Will Arnett walks barefoot over lego bricks

As a parent, Will Arnett might be intimately familiar with the fear inspired by a small and seemingly nonthreatening object: the Lego brick. While the building toy is beloved by kids around the world and liked by parents for encouraging creativity, if your children play with them, you had best invest in some slippers. Stepping barefoot on a stray brick or two is enough to inspire howls of pain. They may be small, but Lego pieces are sturdy and unyielding; your feet will break before they do.

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Since Arnett was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote his role in “The Lego Batman Movie,” Kimmel prepared the perfect challenge for him: walk barefoot across a couple bins of Lego pieces. Arnett was game, removing his shoes and socks (with a few quips about the lifts in his shoes) and stepping gingerly across the jagged plastic parts. He was a trooper, given that you could see the pain in his face as he went.

We’d prefer to walk across hot coals.

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