Jimmy Kimmel introduces a whole lot of newscasters who, for some reason, can’t believe it’s already June

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For some people, like teachers and student in the final stretches of the school year, the month of May feels like an eternity. But for others —¬†apparently newscasters — the month of May flew by.

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On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel brought together a few of the newscasters who cannot believe that it’s actually June. He joked, “June is something that happens, almost every year but for some reason, this year, it caught a lot of people by surprise.” One unfortunate weatherman had a nice intro before losing his train of thought, saying, “Make sure you flip the calendar over and…uhh…go accordingly.”

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The late night host joked, “How can you be surprised by June. May is the longest month, it goes on forever.” In fact, June is actually one day shorter than May, so these newscasters might really be surprised when July rolls around.

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