Jimmy Kimmel slowed down Sean Spicer’s press conference to drunk-speed and it all makes sense now

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has come under a lot of heat for his appearance on Saturday evening when he gave a press conference and gave some statistics that at best weren’t perfect and at worst were just wrong. On Monday he gave another press conference where he walked back on a few of those numbers but it still didn’t look great on the new administration.

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To fix Spicer’s somewhat embarrassing appearance, Jimmy Kimmel called in his video guys on Monday night to slow down the footage and viola, drunk Sean Spicer. Kimmel also did this a few times with Donald Trump and it made the president seem a lot more logical. Spicer has a lot on his plate at the moment as he is currently being Twitter-trolled by Dippin Dots after it was revealed that he started a feud with “the ice cream of the future” a few years ago.

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