Jimmy Kimmel takes to the street to ask about Jeff Sessions, only to discover that people are clueless

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Every so often, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” puts on a segment called “Lie Witness News.” During these ridiculous indictments of the American education system, Kimmel’s reporters ask people on Hollywood Boulevard something that’s quite obviously not the truth.

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On Thursday night, Kimmel aired a segment during which he asked people, “What should the attorney general do about Jeff Sessions?” Of course, Jeff Sessions is the attorney general, but he still got some pretty wild answers.

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When asked, “Who is Jeff Sessions?” one pedestrian answered, “Ain’t he from Russia?” One girl answered with a roundabout question, dodging wonderfully like a master politician. Thankfully, at least one person suggested that Jeff Sessions might be the attorney general. So, maybe, there’s hope for us all yet.

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