Jimmy Kimmel takes to the street to ask couples an awkward question, and they never seem to agree on the answer

On Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host sent his cousin Sal out onto Hollywood Boulevard to ask couples, “How many times a month do you have sex?” Sal separated the couples with a wall gave them whiteboards to write their answers. Unsurprisingly, the couples almost never agreed on the frequency of their lovemaking — but then again, who’s counting.

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In an awkward moment, the studio attracted a crowd of mostly children, and when the first couple (who said they have been together for three years) told Jimmy Kimmel their answers, Sal declared to the crowd, “Ten times kids! What do you think?” The final couple had the largest disagreement, with the wife saying they only slept together 2.634 times a month. We’re not entirely sure what that means.

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