The perpetually smiling, mega rich televangelist Joel Osteen recently came under fire for not opening his megachurch to thousands of people made homeless in Houston as the city was paralyzed by flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

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Lakewood had previously announced that it was “inaccessible due to severe flooding.” However, on Tuesday, the pastor opened the doors of the church to flood victims — but not before a spate of occasionally hilarious public shaming on social media created a huge PR problem. Osteen gave an interview Wednesday on “Good Morning America” in which he presented seemingly reasonable justifications for the delayed church opening, including lack of staff and concern that flooding in the church would worsen, but it was too late: Twitter was already firing on all cylinders.

Although most Twitter uses were (understandably) taking the situation seriously, there were plenty of jokers who used humor to try and make some sense of the whole thing — and some of the memes floating around are absolutely brilliant.

Some people used GIFs to roast Osteen

Others used the debacle to make a larger point about the morality of televangelism.

And then there’s retired professionals wrestler The Iron Sheik, who was far from happy:

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