Forums, comments sections and social media platforms are jam-packed with questions that will never be answered. Many of these questions are about athletes and celebrities, and some are even about athletes who are also celebrities — like legendary WWE superstar John Cena!

The 16-time world champion joined forces with GQ and went undercover on a variety of different websites so he could answer questions about himself with complete anonymity — at least, that was the plan. His screen name was “ActuallyJohnCena,” but surely nobody would believe the real John Cena would be that obvious.

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Cena visited obvious sites like Reddit and Twitter, but he also dived into some of the net’s dark and lonely places, like Quora and Yahoo! Answers.

The video is a must-watch, especially if you’re a wrestling fan. The Doctor of Thuganomics answers an abundance of questions, many of them were (obviously) about his jorts, but he also revealed what his favorite anime is and confirmed whether he’s in the Illuminati or not.

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