JFK’s Sexual Preferences Revealed in Raunchy New Private Notes Up for Sale

There are a lot of reasons John F. Kennedy is one of the most well-known presidents in American history, from the tragic to the tawdry. Like Teddy Roosevelt before him and Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama afterward, Kennedy was something of a “celebrity” president. And, like most celebrities, he had a scandalous sex life that the public couldn’t get enough of.

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It turns out that the John F. Kennedy sex news well, like a Ted Kennedy sex car, is far from dry. Private, explicit notes JFK wrote for his aides during his 1960 campaign for president while he couldn’t speak because of a case of laryngitis have been put up for auction by the private collector that owns them and they’ve got a couple of illuminating little tidbits about JFK’s libido and sexual preferences.

In one of the notes, Kennedy lamented (very much incorrectly, as history would come to show) that if he were to win the election and become President of the United States he would no longer get to, um, incessantly cheat on his wife. It read, “I suppose that if I win [the presidency] my poon days are over.”

Another note Kennedy wrote stated, “I got into the blondes” in reference to his preference in hair color. Considering he married a brunette and dragged his D through pretty much anything, though, a woman’s hair color was probably not, at any point, ever, a pressing concern for the then 43-year-old Massachusetts Senator.

There are 98 pages of notes in total, written mostly on yellow legal pads, though these passages are some of the most scandalous. Kennedy also refers to political opponents and press as “bastards” and discusses debate strategy for the Democratic primary.

One other note had Kennedy assuming he was eventually going to get busted for his dalliances. It read, “I suppose they are going to hit me with something before we are finished” but, of course, Kennedy never lived to see that happen, so I guess there’s a bright side to everything, even assassination.

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