John Mulaney explains buying real estate and he is hilariously accurate

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions in your life. Comedian John Mulaney knows exactly how it work.

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In a clip from his set “The Comeback Kid” he makes fun of HGTV home buyers and perfectly impersonates the mom-like energy of his real estate agent.

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“We would have little conferences before we went in [to the house],….’So…there’s no toilets and I know that was on your list, but I think I can get them to budge. Let’s go’,” he says.

“So we’d have a real estate agent, and then like the house would have a real estate agent which is just some guy sitting in a big chair, and these two always hated each other…It’s like Jesus Christ, what were you two in The Eagles together? What is the animosity about?”



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