Julia Louis-Dreyfus deals with the plight of the suburban cougar in this laugh-out-loud funny SNL sketch

Host Julia Louis-Dreyfus admires her pool boy from afar on last night's SNL.

It’s a stereotypical joke: an older woman having an affair with the pool boy, but does anyone ever think about what the pool boy has to say? If Pete Davidson is cleaning your pool, it’s a lot of “okay” and dead squirrels. And it’s probably an SNL sketch. Sorry, cougars.

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Host Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the wife of a city councilman who wants nothing more than to have her way with the 23-year-old who cleans her family’s pool. But no, she can’t, said in that breathy Gone With the Wind kind of voice. The thing she doesn’t understand is how little the pool boy understands, taking everything she says 100% literally.

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After she hands the pool boy a break-up note, the sound of a small motor catches her attention. Musical guest Nick Jonas, obviously sans sleeves, pushes a lawnmower and says he’s the new lawn guy, Toby. JLD smiles, ready for her next adventure, pool boy be damned.

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