Kelly Ripa Cracks NSFW Jokes, Has Wardrobe Malfunction During ‘Live’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Kelly Ripa had an interesting time during Monday’s Fourth of July Live Kelly and Ryan show. The 51-year-old co-host couldn’t stop making not safe for work jokes as they played games with ping pong balls.

Ripa had a hard time holding it together after her co-host Ryan Seacrest explained that the games would be played with ping pong balls.

He explained, “Throughout the show, we’re also playing Live’s Fourth of July games. It’s ping-pong-palooza, because each game is being played with ping pong balls.”

Keeping things PG proved to be too much for Ripa

Keeping things PG proved to be too much for Ripa and she started joking about balls, with an emphasis placed on balls.

Ripa joked, “OK, here’s how it works. The person holding the stack of cups is trying to catch…BALLS.” She was very amused by her own joke and had a hard time not laughing.

She later tied to explain the rules of one of the games and couldn’t do so without laughing, “Once the ping pong ball is caught in the cup, that cup gets moved to the bottom of the stack. Whichever team stacks all 10 first, or has the most BALLS in their cups, in 60 seconds wins.”

That wasn’t Ripa’s only excitement on the day. She later had to deal with a wardrobe malfunction while taking on Seacrest in one of the July 4th themed games.

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You know what I gotta do…

Seacrest was dressed for the head-to-head matchup in a button-up shirt, jeans and sneakers. Ripa wasn’t exactly dressed to compete. She was in a dress and high heels. Not exactly dressed for running, which turns out was a requirement.

Instead of removing her heels or changing into something a little more competition ready, Ripa instead decided to tuck her dress into her underwear.

“You know what I gotta do,” she told Ryan. She then said exactly what she was doing, “I gotta tuck my [dress] up into my underpants. Because I’m gonna trip over it.”

Ripa competed in the competition, wardrobe issues and all. Her dress was bunched up in her underpants throughout.

This comes after Ryan Seacrest supporters called out Kelly Ripa for being rude during the show. They don’t like when she interrupts Seacrest and makes everything about her.

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