Judging by this promo, you shouldn’t take Kenan Thompson to a restaurant.

Thompson was with fellow award-winner Brie Larson to hype up an Alicia Keys appearance on an upcoming show of “Saturday Night Live”.

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The promo takes place in the form of a skit from a sushi restaurant, where Kenan is all excited to eat. Of course, Kenan doesn’t actually like sushi, but he’s excited anyway, because he gets to use chopsticks.

Of course, because Kenan didn’t want sushi; he had a hamburger brought out for him. He tries to heat the hamburger with chopsticks for a few seconds before bringing out his own “hamburger fork,” which is a utensil that looks like it would have fit better in the home of André the Giant than of a normal-sized person.

We just hope that the 1997 Kids’ Choice Award winner find the cheese he is looking for, because we definitely want to know what kind of utensil he uses to try to eat that.

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